1301: Edit

  • Lucien obtained the legendary Stone of Osiris and the Book of Rebirth while travelling with Aurora and Tristan.

1310: Edit

  • A human named Simon stole the Stone of Osiris and the Book of Rebirth from Lucien, to his embarrassment.
  • Lucien left Aurora and Tristan's company to get the Stone and the Book from Simon.
  • Simon encounters the Gemini Coven and their leader, Osmond, who was an ancestor of the Parker family, in England around this time. Osmond kills Simon and takes the Stone and the Book from him.
  • Lucien Castle and a group of vampire minions he sired then arrived in England, having tracked Simon down to England, knowing Simon had stolen the Stone from him. Lucien winded up meeting with Osmond, asking for the Stone back. Osmond refused, explaining that the Stone had mystical properties and he didn't know why a vampire wanted it.
  • Lucien and his minions decided to try and massacre the Coven the next day. The Gemini Coven retaliated by killing Lucien's minions, and afterwards, desiccating Lucien and entombing him alive.

1360: Edit

  • Elijah Mikaelson came up with the idea of the Strix. He wanted to assemble minds curious about the world and eager to improve it, along with the time and circumstance to do so. His desire was to create an elite brotherhood devoted to a new, better civilization.
  • Elijah sired the four original members of the Strix, all of whom were male and in positions of power in human society.

1401: Edit

  • Elijah met a dark skinned woman named Aya. Elijah soon became impressed with her no nonsense attitude, and how strong of a woman she was.
  • Elijah sired Aya, feeding her his blood and breaking her neck, but only after she was certain she wanted to be turned. She soon became a member of the Strix and part of Elijah's inner circle.

1402: Edit

  • Elijah entered into a relationship with the vampire Aya. She fell in love with him but Elijah never felt the same, though he tried and felt guilty that he didn't.

1403: Edit

  • Elijah felt forced to abandon the Strix after he realized he'd cultivated what he referred to as "a legion of ego-maniacal sociopaths".

1417: Edit

  • Mohinder left the Strix.

1423: Edit

  • The Strix encountered Tristan de Martel and his sister, Aurora. The Strix was only made up of 12 vampires at this point, including Aya. Effortlessly, Tristan managed to eliminate every member of the Strix, but spared Aya, because he was impressed with her fighting prowess. Tristan, now intrigued with the idea of the Strix, decided to revive it with Aya as his second in command and Tristan as the leader. Together, he and Aya searched the world for members of Elijah's bloodline and recruited them to join the Strix.

1438: Edit

  • Aya reunites with Mohinder, though she is still a part of the new Strix, led by Tristan. Mohinder took some time to warm up to Tristan, but eventually joined the new Strix.

1448: Edit

  • Aurora saved Lucien, who had been buried and dessicated alive, in the ground, somewhere in England. Lucien had been desiccated for 138 years. Tristan hated having Lucien back and the two often butted heads, while Lucien and Aurora resumed their romantic relationship.
  • Not being able to tolerate Lucien's presence any longer, Tristan asked Aurora to choose between him and Lucien. Reluctantly, Aurora chose Lucien, breaking Tristan's heart. She left with Lucien, and when asked by Aya whether they should chase after her or not, Tristan assured her that she would come back to him someday, that he gave her and Lucien "a century or two at the most".

1512: Edit

  • The Strix, still led by Tristan and Aya, encountered the vampire Julian, a vampire sired by Elijah, also a ripper. Julian was recruited by the Strix, and eventually became a member.

1594: Edit

  • After spending 82 years with the Strix, learning everything he could from them, Julian decided he wanted to leave, having grown tired of them and wanting to be on his own again. Tristan responded to this by telling him that no one ever leaves the Strix. He also warned Julian that should he attempt to, that he wouldn't be too hard to find considering his "ripper" problem.

1595: Edit

  • Julian fled the Strix, who were based in Russia at this time. Tristan swore that they would find Julian one day, and kill him for abandoning the Strix.

1801: Edit

  • Lucien and Aurora have a falling out. Aurora seeks out Tristan and reunites with him and the Strix in Virginia. To Aurora's mild annoyance, Tristan tells her that her and any vampire who is not apart of Elijah's bloodline is still unable to become a member of the Strix.

1903: Edit

  • Tristan and the Strix tracked down Julian in England, who was travelling with Lily and her band of Heretics at the time. On the 24th of January, Tristan and Aya met up with Julian while he was alone with Lily, making sure the Heretics were not near by to prevent them from interfering. Aya snapped Lily's neck while Tristan plunged a wooden stake into Julian's heart, killing him. Devastated, Lily had the Heretics preserve Julian's body with magic in hopes that they would one day be able to resurrect him.