The Stone of Osiris is a powerful mystical stone, mostly used in resurrection rituals. The stone is even said to be capable of resurrecting those who have already moved on.

About the Stone Edit

Contrary to popular belief, the stone is not just used for resurrection spells and rituals. The stone supposedly contains more magic than any other object on Earth, and as a result, is a very powerful object to channel. The stone has been used on many occasions throughout the centuries by witches, channeled as a source of power, similar to using a celestial event like the moon or a comet, or channeling the power of a dark object.

Physical Appearance Edit

The stone is able to fit in the palm of one's hand and appears to be an emerald green colour.

History of the Stone Edit

Possible Origins Edit

Sometime before Ancient Egypt, there lived two humans named Severina and Preemus. At some point in their early adult lives, Severina and Preemus were blessed with magic and became the first witches in existence. Severina and Preemus then had six children together before the couple released just how unstable their powers were, and decided to give up their magic altogether, both Severina and Preemus storing their magic in a pair of emerald green rocks and burying them deep in the sand. One of these stones became the infamous Stone of Osiris.

Ancient Egypt Edit

4000 years ago, somewhere in Ancient Egypt, the stone was supposedly discovered by one of the oldest witch covens in the world. This coven took the stone into their possession, believing that the stone fell from the Heavens and was gifted to them by the gods themselves. The stone came to be used in many rituals by the coven, but the stone was mostly used in resurrection rituals. Because the stone had the power to bring back the dead, the stone came to be known as the Stone of Osiris. The spells used in these resurrection rituals with the Stone were recorded on dried papyrus reed. At some point these resurrection spells were then transferred into a book, and the book came to be known as the Book of Rebirth.

1301 A.D. Edit

During this time, the vampire Lucien Castle was in ownership of the Stone of Osiris and the Book of Rebirth. He believed that he might be able to harness the power of the Stone to make a vampire mortal again.

1310 A.D. Edit

One of Lucien's human servants named Simon stole the Stone and the Book. Simon fled to England with the Stone and the Book in his possession, Lucien and several of Lucien's vampire minions in pursuit of him.

Shortly after arriving in England, Simon encountered the Gemini Coven, led by Osmond. Osmond killed Simon and took the Stone and the Book into his possession. The Stone and the Book have belonged to the Gemini Coven, specifically the Parker family, ever since.

2017 (Flashforward Storyline) Edit

It has been mentioned in the future that there are not one, but two Stones of Osiris. How the second one will come into play in the present day is yet to be seen.

Trivia Edit

  • The exact origins of the Stone (where the Stone came from) remains a mystery to this day. While witches from 4000 years ago believed that the Stone was made by the god Osiris as a gift to witches, some remain sceptical of this explanation, as there is no solid evidence one way or the other that Osiris actually exists.
  • The Stone was channeled by the leader of the Sanguis Coven in the early 13th century in order to cast a powerful curse on the entire Gemini Coven.