The Sanguis Coven is a very old, powerful coven primarily based in Rome. The Sanguis Coven is sometimes referred to as the Blood Coven.

History Edit

Formation Edit

The Sanguis Coven formed around 1500 years ago in Rome, Italy. They have been, for the most part, based in Rome ever since. When they formed, about five different witch families made up the coven.

Cursing the Gemini Coven Edit

At some point between the year 500 and 1201 A.D., the Sanguis Coven came into ownership of the Stone of Osiris and the Book of Rebirth. In the year 1201, the Sanguis Coven encountered the Gemini Coven, and somehow, the Gemini Coven managed to cross them. The leader of the Sanguis Coven, channelling the Stone of Osiris, placed a powerful curse on the Gemini Coven that not only forced them to practise the Merge but created a mystical link between the leader of the coven and every other witch that belonged to the Gemini Coven. Prior to this curse, the Gemini Coven had always been led by a pair of twins.

The 1300s Edit

At the turn of the 12th century, a century after cursing the Gemini Coven, the Sanguis Coven encountered Lucien, Aurora and Tristan, who at the time were known as the Trinity. When the Sanguis Coven proved to be a problem for the Trinity, the Trinity, using their vampire minions, attacked the Sanguis Coven, and killed several witches in the process, the Trinity even stealing the Stone of Osiris and the Book of Rebirth from them. After the Trinity left Rome, the Sanguis Coven cast a spell over the city of Rome that prevents any vampire from entering the city. However, in order to keep this spell active, the Coven must sacrifice a human life every year on the anniversary of the day the spell was first cast.