Russell is a century old vampire from Boston, Massachusetts. He is a long time friend of the witch Selina Parker, and worked alongside her as a medical doctor in a Boston hospital prior to her leaving Boston. He is portrayed by actor Ian Bohen.

History Edit

Human Life Edit

Not much is known about Russell's human life. What is known for certain is that Russell was born in the year 1890, and served in the first world war. He was turned in the year 1925, at the age of 35, by an unknown female vampire who fed him her blood and snapped his neck.

Life as a Vampire and Meeting Selina Parker Edit

Russell never left Boston after being turned into a vampire. Instead, he stayed in Boston and became part of Boston's vampire community. At some point he started working as a medical doctor, giving the patients he wasn't able to save through modern medicine vampire blood, as he, ironically, doesn't like to see anyone die.

Russell met Selina Parker in the year 1997, once she started working at the same hospital as him. However, when Russell first met Selina, she was going under the alias of Susan McCullough. It was only after a couple of years of working together and building a friendship that "Susan" confided in Russell about who she really was. Despite everyone around them thinking otherwise, Russell's relationship with Selina was always a platonic friendship and nothing more than that.

Selina Leaving Boston Edit

In early 2013, Selina received a vision of her husband Joshua's death at the hands of her son, Malachai "Kai" Parker. Shaken up by this vision, Selina looked into it, and soon discovered that Joshua actually was dead, and was murdered by an escaped Kai Parker. Horrified, Selina left Boston, feeling that whatever was left of her family would come looking for her since Joshua no doubt left evidence behind in the event of his death that she had faked her death back in 1996. Before she left, Selina asked Russell to help her erase "Susan McCullough" from all documents and databases. Reluctantly, Russell agreed to help, and Selina fled Boston as soon as possible, Russell staying behind in Boston and continuing to work as a medical doctor.