Alyssa Tackett is a witch, a member of the Gemini Coven, and the childhood best friend of Olivia Parker, as well as a distant niece of the Heretic, Malcolm Tackett. She is portrayed by Shelley Hennig.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Alyssa was the second child and first daughter born to witches Jennifer and Sam Tackett. Her brother is older than her by three years. She has been close friends with Liv and Luke Parker all her life, but was always a little bit closer to Liv than she was to Luke.

Like the rest of her coven, Alyssa was horrified when Malachai Parker broke down and killed four of his younger siblings after he felt his parents were trying to deny him the right to participate in the Merge with Jo after turning 22.

High School Edit

Alyssa went to the same high school as Luke and Liv, and was in most of the same classes as Liv in their first two years of high school. She covered for her whenever she skipped classes, to Luke's disapproval. Alyssa started dating a fellow member of the Gemini Coven when she was in eleventh grade, only for the relationship to end after four months, her boyfriend cheating on her with another girl, to Alyssa's dismay. She, Liv and Luke graduated together.

College and Attending Jo and Alaric's Wedding Edit

Alyssa began attending a college when she was 17 years old. She excelled in all of her classes, scoring very high marks. Later, Alyssa was horrified to learn that Malachai Parker had not only escaped but had killed Luke and was now the new leader of the Gemini Coven. She attended Luke's funeral and was devastated by his passing.

Not long after turning 22, Alyssa, along with most of her coven, attended Jo and Alaric's wedding. Kai crashed the wedding and killed ten members of the coven and injured many others. Among the dead, was Alyssa's father, Sam Tackett.

Her Role in Season 7 Edit

Alyssa first appears at the end of 7x01, the Heretics, arriving at the Lockwood Mansion to visit Liv, meeting Tyler for the first time as she does. She asks where she's going to be staying and walks past Tyler and Liv into Tyler's home, to Liv's delight, happy to see her old friend again.

Personality Edit

Alyssa is regarded as a obedient, punctual, smart, correct and high-grades student, contrary to Liv. Alyssa has also been described at times as the kindest person in the Gemini Coven. Alyssa is extremely caring, loyal, protective and has a strong sense of what's morally right and just. Because of this, she finds herself holding the leader of her own coven, Kai, in contempt, and thinking of him as the Devil, refusing to believe that he can be redeemed.